About Benjamin

Currently, Benjamin works as Artistic Director at Hexachords, creator of Orb Composer software, the first artificial intelligence software created for composers. His work consists mostly of producing music demos, making suggestions for improving the software, managing and making videos for their YouTube channel, and managing the Discord community. Benjamin is also the manager and founder of the band THR3. Previously, he worked Freedom! MCN – Head of Music Factory department, a royalty free music library, and managed a team of 4 composers and producers to create music for media and YouTubers.

As a composer, Benjamin is classically trained, having studied music composition and performance (tuba) at University of North Florida. Benjamin has written and produced over 200 tracks in 4 years, studying many genres and styles to find his own voice. His demos are his feature examples of his work as a composer. Benjamin enjoys exploring new, interesting, and innovative ideas, which is why he finds artificial intelligence music so attractive. Benjamin’s inspiration mainly comes from his mother. Having only recently passed away in 2018, he finds inspiration in making music she would have been proud to listen to. To date, his music has been heard by over 20 million individuals on YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, and has been similarly downloaded hundreds of thousands of times for use in YouTube videos.

As a person, Benjamin is highly motivated when he finds a project he enjoys, is very easy to communicate with, and holds himself to a very high musical and ethical standard.

Benjamin has built and maintained 3 websites including his own. Most recently, he overhauled Trap Party’s website, and previously built the Music Factory website at Freedom! MCN. He is an expert in WordPress, CSS, and HTML, with some background in Java Script. He is also an expert in building and creating integrations with websites to interact with a customized CMS. He is an expert in Google Sheets, Google Forms, and integrating these with websites in a cohesive manner.